BWI, Dulles, Reagan: Ultimate Airport Guide

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Navigating Baltimore-Washington Airports: Your Easy Travel Guide

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport: Simple and Convenient

BWI is ideal for domestic travel. It’s easy to get around and offers lots of parking. You’ll find many places to eat, too. BWI does have some overseas flights, like to the Caribbean and London. But they’re not as many as other airports. Tip: Plan an extra 15 minutes into your schedule for any surprise delays.

Reagan National Airport (DCA): Close to the Action

Reagan DCA is perfect if you need to be near the city center. Since it’s in a busy area, traffic can be heavy. To avoid missing your flight, leave at least 45 minutes earlier than you think you should.

Dulles International Airport (IAD): The World at Your Doorstep

Dulles is your best bet for international trips. It has flights going all over the globe. If you’re not from Virginia, getting there might be tough because of traffic on the 495 beltway. Try traveling when it’s not rush hour and add 45 minutes to your travel time just in case.

Making Your Decision

Choose BWI for easy domestic flights and a few international options. Pick Reagan DCA if being downtown matters most, but remember traffic can slow you down. Go with Dulles IAD for traveling far and wide, but plan carefully to beat the traffic.

Travel Tip: Consider a Chauffeur Service

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Enjoy your journey!

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