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Columbia Limousine Service: Your Premier Charter Bus Provider

Hassle-Free Group Travel Starts Here

Embark on your next adventure with ease and sophistication with Columbia Limousine Service (CLS) - your trusted companion for group transportation. Whether you're heading from Gaithersburg to BWI, need a reliable shuttle bus to the airport, or require a party bus for an unforgettable night in Hyattsville, we have your travel needs covered. Our fleet of charter buses in Silver Spring and Gaithersburg is ready to make your journey exceptional.

Have a question or ready to reserve? Email us at or call us at 443-860-1286 for inquiries. Let's plan your trip today!

Seamless Airport Transfers

CLS understands the importance of punctuality and comfort when it comes to airport transfers. Our shuttle bus airport service offers a smooth transition from Annapolis to BWI, ensuring you arrive relaxed and on time. For those traveling between major airports like IAD and DCA, our buses provide a convenient and stress-free connection.

Memorable Celebrations with Our Party Buses

Celebrate life's milestones while cruising through the vibrant streets of Columbia, Rockville, Bowie, or Gaithersburg in our luxurious party buses. Each vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to keep the celebration going from start to finish.

Group Travel Made Simple

Whether you're organizing corporate events or coordinating school trips, CLS's Bethesda charter bus service is designed to accommodate large groups with comfort and ease. Our charter buses offer spacious seating and modern features, ensuring every passenger enjoys the ride.

Connect Throughout Maryland and Beyond

We connect numerous locations across Maryland, including shuttle buses to BWI and direct buses from BWI to Gaithersburg. Our extensive service area guarantees that no matter where you're starting your journey, CLS will be there to provide impeccable group transport services.

Book Your Charter Bus Today

It's time to experience the ultimate in group travel with CLS Charter Bus Service. Contact us now via email at or give us a call at 443-860-1286. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service tailored to your group’s specific needs. Let us drive you comfortably – book your charter bus today!

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What services does Columbia Limousine Service offer?

Columbia Limousine Service offers premier charter bus services for hassle-free group travel, seamless airport transfers, memorable celebrations with party buses, and simple group travel solutions.

How does Columbia Limousine Service ensure punctuality and comfort?

CLS understands the importance of punctuality and comfort, ensuring a seamless experience for all travelers, whether for airport transfers or group travel events.

What types of events can be celebrated with CLS's party buses?

CLS's party buses are perfect for celebrating life's milestones while cruising through vibrant locations, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

Is CLS suitable for corporate events and other group gatherings?

Yes, CLS makes group travel simple and is suitable for organizing corporate events, coordinating social gatherings, or any other group travel needs.

Which locations does CLS connect to in Maryland and beyond?

CLS connects numerous locations across Maryland, including shuttle services to various destinations beyond the state borders, providing convenient transportation options for all travelers.

How can I book a charter bus with Columbia Limousine Service?

Booking a charter bus with CLS is easy. Simply contact us today to experience the ultimate in group travel with our premier services.


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